Books and Monographs

Sources of Vietnamese Tradition_Jayne Werner
Sources of Vietnamese Tradition
(edited with John Whitmore and George Dutton)
2012 Columbia University Press

Gender, Household and State in Post-Revolutionary Vietnam
2009 Routledge

GenderHouseholdState copy
Gender, Household, State: Dổi Mới in Vietnam
(edited with Danièle Bélanger)
2002 Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications

The American War in Vietnam
(edited with David Hunt)
1993 Cornell Southeast Asia Program Publications

The Vietnam War Edited by Jayne S. Werner and Luu Dpwan Huynh
The Vietnam War: Vietnamese and American Perspectives
(edited with Lứu Đoàn Huynh)
1993 M.E. Sharpe

Peasant Politics and Religious Sectarianism_Peasant and Priest_Jayne Werner
Peasant Politics and Religious Sectarianism: Peasant and Priest in the Cao Dài in Viêt Nam
1981 Yale University Southeast Asia Monograph Series